OwnCloud 9 is now available as Enterprise Edition

The variant for companies provides functions that go beyond the scope of the Community Edition. The provider of the private cloud solution wants to offer secure access via data silos. The data exchange is supported by document classification, access control and Federated Cloud Sharing on different ownCloud installations.

ownCloud has now launched the enterprise edition of ownCloud 9 from its open source private cloud software, offering a number of additional features beyond those of Community Edition. The open source provider wants to provide secure access across data silos. In particular, he highlights document classification, access control, and Federated Cloud Sharing for sharing on different ownCloud installations.

The new “Policy and Rules Engines” allow companies to grant file access via tags, which can then be assigned by the system and vendors. Administrators are able to specify rules for classifying documents. It is designed to help organizations implement strategies to protect, retain, or remove files, based on their business and legal needs.

Federated Cloud Sharing is designed to facilitate easy collaboration, linking servers in different locations and providing access through a user interface without losing local IT control. The cloud-sharing model allows users of connected instances to cooperate with each other. This works from desktop, web interface as well as mobile devices. For example, ownCloud with apps for iOS and Android allows access to private cloud software data while on the move.

In a press release, ownCloud CEO Markus Rex states that the growing focus on security and compliance today dictates that access to files must be controlled by IT in their own environment. “OwnCloud 9.0 creates an environment that supports and maintains collaboration inside and outside the firewall, making it the first file access platform to help users and IT address these seemingly different needs.”

The ownCloud, which is based on the eponymous open source project, can be quickly installed and configured on Linux servers . It enables file hosting in a private cloud and also synchronization with local directories. Since the solution can be implemented in its own data center, it is especially recommended if confidential data is to be provided. The control over the information remains despite the benefits of simple sharing and collaborative editing. For this, ownCloud uses security measures such as encryption and a “file firewall”. The application is possible as free software, but also as a commercial version with maintenance contract.

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) published a guide on using ownCloud last year. The BSI experts provide an overview of the possible applications , focusing in particular on potential dangers, measures to be taken and restrictions.

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