Internet Intelligence – the performance at a glance

Whether accidental power failure or targeted attack – on average, the Internet turns out to be around 3000 times a day. Internet outages affect both customers and businesses. For companies offering their services through cloud-based solutions, network outages often result in lost sales. Customers who want to take advantage of the online offers no longer have access to them in case of connection problems. As responsible persons, the customers always see the companies themselves, even if the cause of the fault is often not in their hands. When dealing with network failures, companies should no longer blindly trust their cloud provider, but instead better run independent monitoring of their Internet performance.

According to a joint study by Bitkom Research and KPMG , by the end of 2014 around 70 percent of large German companies were using cloud computing services. Among the smaller SMEs, 41 percent used the cloud. In the future more and more companies will offer their services via cloud-based solutions. However, in order to successfully conduct their business online, they need a powerful Internet performance.

Network outages can seriously impact enterprise Internet performance by preventing them from accessing their cloud services. The US analyst firm Gartner estimates in this context that a company can lose a total of up to 474,500 euros per hour in case of a network outage . It does not matter if the companies use the cloud service, the content delivery network or the network. Likewise, even minor, local failures of the network can have a negative impact on the business.

The consequences of a network failure can be illustrated by two incidents from this year. In March, Apple’s App Store and iTunes had a network outage that lasted 12 hours. This cost the company more than 23 million euros. Due to connectivity issues with Amazon Web Services in June, consumers could no longer access Internet services such as Pinterest and Netflix. Every day, other companies, CDNs, cloud and transit vendors are also experiencing thousands of Internet outages. Especially the network problems of Amazon and Apple show how important it is to monitor your own Internet performance. Only with the right strategy can companies ensure the greatest possible uptime.

Performance monitoring as a success factor

To do this, companies need a solution that gives them an overview of the performance between their customers and their Internet services. The entire user path from the end user through the network to the cloud should be reflected in it. This consolidated and intelligent perspective on all Internet services helps a company’s IT department monitor and optimize cloud performance. It can perform root cause analysis while identifying problems in real time. The resulting insights can be used by IT professionals to design emergency plans to expand and improve the Internet infrastructure.

Companies can choose from a variety of services, called cloud monitoring solutions, to monitor their performance. The focus of monitoring is mostly exclusively on the company’s own cloud infrastructure. An observation of the entire Internet environment and analyzes of their performance are not possible. However, especially in the event of network failures, companies need a provider who analyzes the Internet performance with global data sensors, regardless of the cloud service providers and the company infrastructure of the respective company.

Such a provider not only includes the availability of the cloud service provider, but also the performance, the latency and the accessibility of a customer to the company headquarters in the analysis. According to Netflix, the Internet streaming service, the cause of this year’s network outage was insufficient monitoring because the problem originated outside the monitored environment.

Intelligent Internet performance tools enable IT managers to change DNS settings and redirect their users through an alternative route in the event of a downtime, so they can still reach the company’s services. They can also find out which cloud locations are best suited to provide their customers with a fast and reliable connection. In this way, companies can monitor and optimize their latency. An intelligent Internet performance solution goes far beyond the requirement profile of a regular cloud monitoring service.

With an intelligent solution and emergency plans derived from it, companies can avoid network outages and poor Internet performance in general. In the event of a disconnect, they no longer have to wait patiently for the problem to be handled by their cloud provider. Companies relying solely on their cloud provider are powerless in this case and can not analyze and solve the problem themselves.

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