Cloud computing: Equinix joins Cloud Security Alliance

Equinix joins the Cloud Security Alliance to strengthen its commitment to secure, high-performance, direct connections to many cloud providers. The manufacturer’s interconnect solution, the Cloud Exchange, is designed to seamlessly and globally enable secure and direct access to multiple clouds in Equinix International Business Exchange data centers.

Equinix, a provider of interconnection and data center services, today announced its accession to the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). The Cloud Security Alliance is a non-profit organization. It develops and publishes best practice approaches to cover various security aspects of cloud computing. In addition, she is involved in the education and training of cloud users for compliance with cloud security standards. The Cloud Security Alliance is led by a broad coalition of industry, business, community and other industry professionals.

For many CIOs, the cloud plays an important role in enabling employee mobility and enabling performance enhancements. But security is often seen as the biggest barrier to the adoption of cloud computing. The study commissioned by Equinix ” The Enterprise of the Future ” states that security is the biggest concern of IT companies. For 64 percent of respondents, security concerns may be the occasion to rethink their IT infrastructure over the next 12 months.

Equinix enables affiliates to bypass the public Internet by providing secure and direct connections to multiple cloud providers through Equinix Cloud Exchange, and instead leverage the benefits of the cloud in a secure manner. Cloud Exchange is an interconnection solution designed to provide “worldwide and seamless” direct access to multiple clouds in the Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers around the world.

“Equinix Cloud Exchange provides a direct, secure connection to a wide variety of cloud service providers and applications with very high throughput and consistency. That’s why companies of all sizes have secure access to thousands of cloud services, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Office 365, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud, “said Brian Lillie, CIO of Equinix. “By joining the Cloud Security Alliance, we help address cloud security concerns among our growing clientele.”

“Equinix Cloud Exchange brings a significant capability to the cloud computing industry: direct cloud computing connections that bypass the public Internet have interesting and positive implications for cloud security. We are pleased to welcome Equinix to the CSA community alongside other influential market leaders in the cloud computing industry, “commented Jim Reavis, CEO of Cloud Security Alliance, on joining Equinix in the organization he directs.

With the latest white paper, “The Equinix Hybrid Cloud Ecosystem For Azure and Microsoft Office 365,” Equinix provides IT decision makers with a handy cloud-ready tool. What role the data center can play to solve problems in connectivity, bandwidth, latency, and security is explained by Equinix in his white paper, ” Preparation Begins at the Center .” Equinix also provides support for the needs-based design of the data center.

In addition to technical and possibly legal hurdles are on the way to the cloud but also organizational to take. In many organizations , employees fear for a variety of reasons that their company’s commitment to the cloud will either change their job or their role, or even eliminate it altogether. They often block or slow down the transition.

This was also confirmed by Andreas Weiss, Director EuroCloud Deutschland_eco. e. V. According to his experience , the “disruptive” character of the cloud causes fears and rejections amongst IT traditionalists. In order to counteract, the correct and comprehensive communication of the project is crucial, so that all participants are picked up where they are right now.

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