Box provides international data storage with Box Zones

With the “Box Zones” for Europe and Asia announced today, users can save data in their own country. By working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM Cloud, Box Zones has the ability to save content in Box in Germany, Ireland, Singapore and Japan according to customer needs.

Box has “Box Zones” as part of the Box World Tour in Europeannounced that it will provide regional data storage choices in Europe and Asia. Box Zones will help companies centralize their critical content while increasing productivity while meeting the needs of local data storage. By using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM Cloud, Box Zones will be able to store content in Box in Germany, Ireland, Singapore and Japan according to the needs of their customers. Box Zones is scheduled to be available in Germany, Ireland, Singapore and Japan for an additional fee via AWS (Amazon S3) starting next month. In addition, according to the plan, Box Zones will be available through IBM Cloud in Europe and Asia for an additional fee.

Box Zones is at the service of Box KeySafe and Box Governance and, together with them, offers the latest method in Box’s offering, which is designed to give customers choice and flexibility in the way they use Box.

“Businesses today are more connected, more connected, and more global, thanks to the power of the cloud,” said Box’s co-founder and CEO Aaron Levie. “However, local laws and regulations have forced many companies to accept restrictions on technology that limit their success and that inhibit employee productivity and collaboration. Box Zones will help drive digital transformation for enterprise customers in Europe and Asia and accelerate our international presence. ”

According to own statements, more than 57,000 companies rely on Box for secure content management and collaboration, including 59 percent of the “Fortune 500”. Multinational companies such as Amadeus, AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, General Electric, P & G and Schneider Electric have teams around the world and depend on secure international cooperation if they want to be successful.

“Backed by the expertise and experience of 6,500 employees around the world, Box Zones faces many of the key challenges we face today,” said Roland Daane, Corporate Information Manager, Royal HaskoningDHV. “In light of the announcement, we are thrilled that Box will give us even more choices as to how we can control and secure our content. It allows us to focus on our goal of combining global expertise with regional knowledge to deliver an interdisciplinary range of consulting services in more than 150 countries. ”

Box Zones will provide support for the needs of customers who rely on regional content storage without relying on any of the collaboration features such as watermarking, granular permissions, annotations and tasks, extensive file exploration capabilities, and extensive integration with Tools like Office 365 and Salesforce , which are most commonly used by companies, would have to do without.

“Security is one of the key priorities for AWS and our customers. With Box KeySafe, Box has given companies of all sizes greater control over mission critical and confidential content, and is now taking this move a step further with the introduction of Box Zones, “said Terry Wise, vice president of worldwide partner Ecosystem, Amazon Web Services, Inc “We believe customers should have the freedom to choose where and how their data is stored. With Box Zones on AWS (Amazon S3), customers have the opportunity to leverage AWS’s international profile in Germany, Ireland, Singapore and Japan to ensure the highest level of security and regulatory compliance in the industry . ”

“When companies turn to the cloud as a platform for innovation, it’s all about data,” said Robert LeBlanc, senior vice president, IBM Cloud. “Box Zones in the IBM cloud, combined with new technology from a recent acquisition of Cleversafe, will provide a platform for customers who prefer to store data for performance, security and other domestic benefits. With the global network of IBM Cloud data centers, we look forward to expanding our partnership with Box and helping to serve customers in Europe and Asia. “

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